1. Sleepwalker (Instrumentals)

  2. Soundscape B-Series Vol.2 (Feat: Orikal Uno)

  3. Black and Gray

  4. Misplaced
    Orikal Uno

  5. SleepWalker
    Orikal Uno

  6. Remixes

  7. Kampuchea Forever (Instrumental) LP

  8. Soundscape One.

  9. Soundscape 2

  10. Soundscape Three.

  11. Soundscape 4.

  12. Fall Forward (*FREE* EP)
    See More Perspective

  13. Brain Freeze (*FREE* EP)
    See More Perspective

  14. Food For Thaw (*FREE*) EP
    See More Perspective

  15. Super Hero Summer Camp
    See More Perspective

  16. Bloodshed (Maxi)
    Mr. Gene Poole

  17. The Protocol.
    Mr Gene Poole

  18. Enemy of tha State.

  19. (Self Titled) Lp
    Mike Million.

  20. B-Sides Vol. 1

  21. B-Sides Vol. 2

  22. Motive.

  23. Behind Enemy Lines.

  24. Satisfied. (Single) *FREE*
    See More Perspective

  25. It Takes Skills. Vol. One (*FREE*) Instrumental EP

  26. Jaws Of Life (*Coming Soon*)
    SeeMore Perspective

  27. From Ear 2 Ear
    Dj Kuthroat (Serebe)

  28. Home Economics (Single)
    I Self Devine

  29. Perfect Medicine (Single)

  30. Rappin' Shit (Single)
    Buk (of Psychodrama)

  31. Real Underground Knowledge
    Twins Freshest

  32. Made U Look

  33. Strange Times (B-Sides)

  34. Verses.

  35. Semantics.

  36. Soundscape Zero (Midwest Tyrants)

  37. Enemy Instrumentals.

  38. SCS Instrumentals Vol. One

  39. Its Time To Die Now
    Mike Million.

  40. The 6th Element.
    Mike Million.

  41. Soundscape 5

  42. The Protocol. Instrumentals
    Mr Gene Poole

  43. Demo (Sessions)

  44. SCS Various Tracks

  45. Opportunity Knocks
    Tha Opportunists.

  46. The Agenda.
    Mr. Gene Poole

  47. Definition.
    Mike Mill.

  48. It's Time To Die Now. Instrumentals
    Mike Million.

  49. Soundscape 2 (Instrumentals)

  50. Ley Lines
    Northern Lights (SeeMore Perspective & Serebe)

  51. Welcome to Minnesota...
    B Boy Coalition (Dispute One & Serebe)

  52. The Pharmacy (Ep)
    Sgt. Drugz (of Phull Surkle)

  53. Self-Titled (Instrumentals)
    Mike Million

  54. R.U.K. (Instrumentals)
    Twins Freshest

  55. Soundscape 4 (Instrumentals)

  56. How Much Hate Can One Man Take ?
    Mike Million

  57. Soundscape 3 (Instrumentals)

  58. Tha 6th Element (Instrumentals)
    Mike Million

  59. Soundscape One (Instrumentals)

  60. Instrumentals Vol.4


Serebe. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota Hip Hop Legend. Producer / Emcee / Dj / Label Owner / Studio Engineer..... Started out as a DJ around 1991, then began freestylin' and writing afterwards. First track ever recorded was with MN Graffitti legend ZION, then shortly after, around 1997, formed a group called "Acupuncture" with an artist named Mike Tha Bastard, releasing their first cassette in 1998 entitled "Made You Look"... ... more

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